Saturday, April 16, 2011

the new house

I just discovered blogging by blackberry, so if my posts grammer and spelling isn't the best, then please forgive me.

The kids are spending their first night in the new house. Downstairs! I must admit I feel aprehensive having my room upstairs. I made sure we got a very good new alarm system with lots of beams as my fear was that someone would get in downstairs. Now I am feeling super secure! I also got two cute passage night lights so they could easily find their way to us.
The move was very stressful and I feel older. Yesterday the wheels fell of the bus and I slept the entire morning and pm until 2.30.
Today a friend came to bring us supper. Such comfort food-macaroni and cheese! God bless her. I just made a little salad to go with it and with a glass of nice red wine I feel much better.

Tomorrow I am getting 2 choc easter lambs. I have taught my little kids about passover and the new covernment and we are going to have roast lamb, unleven bread, red juice for them, and going to break bread. Very symbolic. And don't forget the pickled fish. That is a huge tradition in South Africa. We don't go to sea on good friday. In fact no true sailors will set sail. The choc lamb is for monday. Better than the easter bunny although the egg hunt is a must. I have such fun hiding the eggs. Haven't got a theme for monday. Maybe I should get cow bells, dress the kids in white and march down the road saying Jesus is alive...ha ha sure way to introduce ourselves to the neighbours.