Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The finished product


Well, here it is. My first loaves of bread that actually turned out perfect.......yippee
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baking bread

I have taken up a new hobby. Bread baking. I have always enjoyed this, yet always been unsuccessful. Either its to doughy, or to hard, or tasteless, or not quiet right.In shear frustration after my last attempt last week, I turned to the internet. Here I discovered 'baking 101'. This site goes into such detail about bread baking, from the yeast, to kneading times, etc.

I have just popped another loaf into the oven. Hopefully with a new technique, I will have baked a decent loaf. My aim is to cut out shop bread as it has so many preservatives in it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wee willy winkie runs up and down.......

Well Adam refuses to keep his nappy on and we are having lots of messy times here.

Nappy on..nappy off….nappy on with shorts that he cant take off…nappy off…
3pm Poo on stoep…..spray Adam in bath…nappy on. Dad cleans stoep….Phew!!!
6pm Nappy off. Wee on moms bed ( thankfully have mattress cover)….nappy on
7.30 Nappy off…..wee on his pillow in cot… goes to put pillow in washing machine…
7.31 Returns to upset Adam?? See’s poo on moms bedroom carpet…….return Adam to bath…spray him down. Dad cleans carpet ( Jordan points out poo that he has missed!!)
7.33 Mom washes poop out bath with dettol..Dad goes to fetch nappy…..returns to upset Adam. Adam has poo’d again on moms bedroom carpet
7.34 Mom returns Adam to bath. Dad returns to clean bedroom carpet again. Mom doesn’t let Adam out of site…Nappy on..back in cot…
7.40 Mom pours half glass of wine, dad collapses on couch!!!!