Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tired and Miserable

Monday...tired but all is well. Had to rest in the afternoon
Tuesday..more tired but all is well..was able to go out for dinner
Wednesday the wheels fell off the bus. I woke up with a neck spasm and a headache from hell and felt like I had a hangover. One slight problem is that you need to consume large volumes of booze, and I am a teetotaller. I cant drink more than a glass of vino other wise I get horribly ill. Kinda rules that one out.

By Mid afternoon the gremlins has stopped bashing my head, but I still felt like crap. I had a meeting with my accountant who really 'cheered" me up. She said gosh, you look like death..... And I had put on some make-up and thought I looked somewhat fresher than I felt.

I tried again to have a nap, but the kids had discovered that screaming in the garden, whilst running under the sprinkler was super fun and who was I to tell them to stop?

7.30 got into bed, took a sleeping tablet that my dr recommended when I am like this and slept for 12 hrs.

Woke up 7.30.....exhausted and ratty...and so the cycle continues....

My prayer today is the same as before

God, when will you answer me?
I dont want to live being
half a wife
half a mom
and half a business partner. When I am like this, I am forgetful, horrible to live with, moody and prickly as a prickly pear.How long must this go on for? Being tired!!

I have done everything to get better, prayer meetings, dr's, pills. vitamins
When Lord When??


Terry said...

Karen-Don't give up asking God for help. He does answer prayer and He hears His children. I'm not a Doctor, but here is a suggestion. Have you been tested for sleep apnea? If you deal with being tired all the time, this may be something to have checked.

sister sheri said...

Hi Karen!

Never stop. Never quit. Persist. Persevere. Again and Again.

Although the beginning of my "dark night" was three years ago... I have suffered with depression since childhood. I never... and I mean never... thought that I could go a day without being "down"... but it was as if the "darkest night" began my my deepest healing.

For me... it's a combination of anti-depressants, knowing my ups and downs, making sure loved ones know how to respond during my dips, being kind to myself, praying, being in God's word, boundaries...

Fight as if your life depended on it... because it does!

Hugs and friendship, dear sister!

Terry said...

Good morning Karen
I will try to answer your question in my next blog. Some parts of Scripture are hard to understand and we may have to wait until Heaven to have God explain them to us.

Rhonda Azari said...

I am hoping that you are beginning to feel whole!! I suffer from similar bouts of excessive tiredness and feel like half a person too (I like your description, that is exactly what it feels like!) I am keeping you in my prayers!!!