Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A letter to a friend

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Jordan started Preschool today.
We went to her orientation morning yesterday, and she was soooo excited. She met her teacher, Mrs Lindeque (who Rob thinks is cute!!,he said he pictured an old granny!)

When I saw her little cubical and her little hook with her sunny face name tag for her to hang her own stuff I wanted to cry. It was so sweet.

I had to bring a face cloth and hand towel for her. She wanted pink.I also had to sew two pink face clothes together to make her a little hand towel,(and there where no pink towels, so I had to improvise). I couldn’t find her a pink apron ( all sold out) , so a pooh bear one was the next best. I had to sew it smaller and make it a 'easy slip on one", which took me hours to do, as I had to hand sew everything. I would love to buy a sewing machine, but don’t think I have the time or energy to take it up as a hobby!

She was so excited about everything, the swings, the big dolls house, the sand pit, the water troughs that they learn tactile games etc. She was on such a high after wards that it was a nightmare calming her down.

I am happy that it’s a nice good school, with a small class of 13, and everything looks so nice and clean.

Dad wanted to drop her off at school, so he arrived here at 7.15. I was super surprised at the effort. Very nice of him.

Adam is well. He is starting to talk so much, (much earlier than Jordan). He also shows me things and will take us by the hand and point to what he wants which is suprising for a boy. His new favorite words are nose,( pronounced nnnnnnoooooossseee) and eyes (iiiiiiiiisss) and moo. His favourite game is pulling out the garden plants. Every day I find my seedlings all over the place.

Otherwise we are all well. I am feeling much better today. Last week was very hard on me and I had to rest everyday and was in bed by around 7.30. I have had to go back on my strict wheat free, no dairy, no sugar diet,No enjoyment of food diet and I think that is why I am feeling better, as I started this again on Friday. I ate brown rice and lentils for three days straight. Not very interesting and not much one can do to "add more flavour to it" At least I am very "regular' ha ha ha.

I have had to change meds and add new supplements, and it has just got so expensive now. Its costing us ave 1500pm on medical bills. I am really going to be good on the diet, so we can see if we can reduce some of this as we just cant afford it all.

The house is now all repainted and looking great. They say it’s a 7 yr paint, and so lets hope it is!! We have also done a lot of work maintenance wise, and so we hope this shark season will be good for us. I am finally getting my bedroom door fixed!!! Its been 17 months with a big hole in it, thanks to Jordan!!

Well, thats all from me. Cant wait to see you in Feb. xxx Karen


Terry said...

Karen- I remember when my girls were that age. Your letter brings back such fond memories. Take lots of picture because they grow up sooo fast.

Rhonda Azari said...
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