Sunday, January 11, 2009

Britian, get OVER yourself

I turned on Sky News this morning to see Britian in an uproar over a few measly remarks Prince Harry had made THREE years ago whilst on active duty. He called his friend and fellow soldier, a Paki and then joked with another soldier saying you look like a rag head!!

Britian, get OVER yourself. The guy is young, he was just being a normal soldier, joking around. Its not as if he was walking in central London going around insulting people.
For goodness sake, if that is the worst the guy can do in the army then he is not doing badly at all.

Its not as if he slept with an HIV woman without a condom, was accused of rape and went to trial, or is being prosecuted for fraud and corruption, like our ANC president Jacob Zuma. Now reporters out there, that is worth writing about!!!!

Harry, you are still in my good books!!