Saturday, January 31, 2009

A big fright

Yesterday I woke up feeling really great. I guess Abba Father was giving me strength for what was to come.

I have been feeling jolly flabby due to the lack of exercise. As I was feeling top of the pops, I took the pram out and walked the kids to school. 1.5km for Jordan and a bit less for Adam. Then headed off to yoga class.My muscles have been really sore again due to the lack of stretching and it was a really hard class for me. Ran with pram to fetch the kids later on. Wow, still not tired...whoopee....

Adam woke from his nap with a really high temp. 38'. I didn't think much of it as he apparently cried all morning at crèche, so I thought it was due to that. Gave him a Panado suppository and he seemed much better an hour later.

We headed off to the in laws so Jordan could swim. Mommy forgot her swimming lesson and she was beside herself. Adam seemed okay, a bit hot, so I took his temp from there old fashioned thermometer and showed normal. Gave him some tea!
On the way home I watched my little boy have a seizure. It was the most awful thing to experience. I jumped into the back of the car, pulled him out his car seat and held him whilst he was convulsing. Rob was shouting "breathe for him" as he was starting to go blue.

The nearest day hospital was three minutes away. I am so thankful now that we where not at home then, as we live over the mountain from the in laws 20 min away, and that would have been a long way to drive.

I started to quietly pray in the Spirit as there was nothing more for me to do. Got to hospital,temp now 39.4'. They stabilized him whilst I "told God" to make him better.

2hrs later, he seemed better and we took him home. Spend the rest of the night holding him over many buckets, and changing about 20 runny nappies.

Today he is fine. Runny poops starting to lessen and he is now so far going on a 3 hr nap. Mom had a nice 2 hr nap.Praise God!!

Rob asked me later if I was praying in tongues. I said yes and it was a chance for me to witness a bit to him. (Which is a miracle in itself). A few minutes later I could sense the walls going up and so conversation topic ended.

I have no idea what yesterday was about. God gave me the strength to cope, my son is fine and we are all fine.

Praise Jesus!!


Terry said...

Praise God!! God tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We are His children and He cares for us. I'm thankful that your little guy is better. It's scary when our child is sick and we feel helpless. God is good!!!!

sister sheri said...

What a terrible fright! I am so glad to hear he is better... I am glad God gave you the strength to be there for your baby!

Rhonda said...

I Thank the Lord that He put you so close to the hospital!!! And that your son is better!!!! I am praying for you and your family.... a big hug to (((( you ))))!!!