Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jordan's first day at BIG school

Posted by PicasaMy little girl is growing up so quickly. I cant believe she actually started "big school" at Sun Valley Primary this week. Jordan was very anxious, as she didnt know anyone in her class, but after a few days she was fine. Its the school routine that had me anxious too, getting up earlier, making school lunches the night before now, making sure we arrive on time, and that all is correctly packed. On day two, Jordan left her lunch box in the kitchen and I had to return to school an hour later feeling a bit embarressed. Now I do checks and double checks with the kids.
I had school sticker tags ordered and so stickers had to be on every little item of hers. Each colouring in pencil, etc had a sticker on it, as the school is very sticky on who's things belong to whom.

I am looking forward to getting her sports programme this week. I loved school sports and Jordan already says she wants to do gymnastics and hockey and netball and ballet and swimming and and and ....slow down big girl, lets stick to two please!

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