Saturday, May 9, 2009

A not so great FAST

On Friday I was meant to fast. I wanted to do this over our community as we have been hit by a serious crime wave.
All was going well, until about noon when I started feeling flu-ish. I thought if I just get into bed everything will be fine.But I had kids over for a play date and I had to watch them on the jungle gym.
By evening time I was about to fall over, and felt as if I had been hit by a bus. I had a terrible sinus head ache. I had had a few med lemon's during the day and my stomach was hurting (proberly from the high asprin content). Later around 10pm, I felt so horrible, that I had to go eat something. I sat on the kitchen floor with a packet of nuts and a jar of honey eating it by the spoonful, thinking maybe its because my sugar levels are down.I also woke up every hour and drank glass after glass of water because I was so dehydrated.

I told God this is not what I planned, or hoped for. Was this the enemy's attempt to keep me from Fasting,or was it just lousy timing coming down with the flu. I just don't know?

Last night was the repeat of Friday night, except it was much worse. I couldn't breath properly as my sinus's where so blocked,I was sweating, and then I was so chilly, my head ache came back with a vengeance. Again,right on cue, every hour I would sit up and have another glass of water. As I could barely sleep, I started to talk to God. But it was bizarre, I had snatches of verses and songs and psalms in my head and I don't think I was very coherent.

In the early hours of the morning I was curled up on the bathroom floor as I was so dizzy I could not get back to bed. It was then I heard quiet clearly, in my not so clear head, these words....Simon Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have been praying for you.

I have no idea what that means! I don't think that Satan has really asked God if he can sift me as wheat and so I must chalk it up to me being feverish.

But I am pretty sure that that verse didn't just pop into my head whilst lying on the bathroom floor? Or did it?


Terry said...

Satan will do everything he can to cause us to stumble and I'm sure he was pleased that you had trouble with your fast. We do know that he cannot do anything against a child of God unless God allows him. Sounds like you have the flu and I'm sure it was difficult for you to try to fast. You'll do better next time Karen!
I have a suggestion for the sinus headaches. Have you heard of a 'neti pot'? I have used one for a long time and they really work great. It might help ease your pain and allow you to breath so much better.

sister sheri said...

I've been feeling a little sick today, myself... and my mind starts to wander... and whenever I'm sick I can also start to feel a little weary...

But I agree with Terry... Satan is wanting to sift all of us... but guess what? After the sifting, he'll find that God has already refined us!

Get better soon!