Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are the rainy days set to stay?

Are the rainy days set to stay?

Woke up. The rain cloud was still there, lurking ominously over my head.

I went for a walk this morning to try lift my spirit. Hoping that the little cloud would part a bit and allow some sunshine in for the day.
I had a song in my head. " in your presence that's where I belong', so I began using it as a mantra, talking to my self, reminding myself who I was and where I belonged.
The walk was good. I could feel the blood circulating my system as I briskly walked the neighbourhood.

Got home and immediately had to deal with some problems with the bank, and the darkness came crashing in as I became angry with my situation.

We worship a God who doesn't shout out the answers, but who is gentle and kind. I don't believe in co-incidence when it comes to Him. Everything God does is for a reason.
I sat down at my computer and checked my emails. My daily verse had come in: It was from Psalm 16:
It read: Lord you teach me the way of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy.

Now if that isn't confirmation of what he is whispering to me then what is?


sister sheri said...

Dear Karen, I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well... and about your mother's passing. Really, I have not lost my mom and I can't even think about it. I am so sorry.

And whether or not you were depressed before her death... perhaps makes no difference... you are here now... and that means it is time to fight. It is good that you are going on walks and blogging. Keep that up!

I also encourage you... whether you want to or not... get back into the Bible and prayer. Turn to Psalms... or read about Jesus' healing touch. But get back in the word. It will not be a decision you regret. It may seem blah and dull, but everything seems that way now. You need to hear the truth and read the truth.

And talk to God. Just open the communication. Even if you're telling Him you aren't even in the mood to talk to Him... He can handle it. Even if you are yelling at Him or questioning Him or doubting Him. The enemy would like nothing more than for you to shut God out... because then he takes a foothold. Don't let him.

I encourage you to take naps, eat right, light candles, try something new, get a massage or manicure or pedicure... Be nice to Karen right now.

I'll be praying for the bank and work stuff... but just know that will always be there. Put all your strength and energy into finding some rays of sunshine... because they are there whether we feel them or not.

Please feel free to keep in touch with prayers or thoughts. Because if I were hidden in a cloud, I would want you to be there for me, too!

Watering Mustard Seeds said...

Thanks Sheri
What you say is very true and I must just "do it", despite the feelings!