Friday, February 5, 2010

My beach work out

I managed to get to gym this morning at 6am. As you know for the last month I have been really battling again with the fatigue, but thankfully I have been very kind to myself. If I have had a hard day I just say, tomorrow is another day! This is very refreshing change for me.

It was such a stunning morning, with no wind that after 20 min on the bike I decided to take my workout to fish hoek beach. It was a spring tide and the water was very high and I kept having to jump and dash up what little beach was left so I didn't get my takkies wet. Walking on the cat walk was also great. Everyone I met was so friendly, eyeing me and saying Good morning, Good morning. In this day and age it was great to be acknowleged.

The verse I had on my lips was "this is the day that the Lord had made". Thanks Holy Spirit for revealing the Fathers heart to me, as I did rejoice and was glad!


Terry said...

I just love the beauty of your country. I can see why you like to run on the beach. It's funny how a person gets an idea of how a country looks in their head and then it isn't anything like that. I also like the terminology you use for your running shoes as well as other things like diapers. I get a kick out of it.
Enough of my rambling on. I'm glad you're doing better Karen.

sister sheri said...

Love the photo... and love even more so to hear how you are being kind to yourself. Enjoy the beach!