Thursday, April 8, 2010

Severe Pruning

Its been a very long time since I blogged regularly. I have been through a very intense pruning phase that has lasted more than 4 months. 

I have been very sensitive and had retreated into a very quiet space. It was so tough that I barely went to church and could not face anything to do with mentoring ( our small ladies group) or blogging.Until now,  I  could not share what I was going through.

Oh dear, the kids want a bath. Guess I will have to continue with this when I get a gap.


sister sheri said...

Well, you definitely have my curiosity peaked!

Knowing God has you under His wing...

Terry said...

I think I understand. When you just don't feel like putting a blog together, then you shouldn't. I have dry spells as well. There has been times when I thought I should blog and sat down and did only to erased it. We understand! I just pray you're feeling better.