Thursday, March 10, 2011

This week savings...or not

This weeks savings....all the hand soap ( the ones in the pretty pump bottles), has finished, and so i bought 3 good old fashioned bars of soap. That's around R60 savings.
Bad news.....bought a pair of pumps at Woolies for Jordan that i could have paid half for at Ackermans. Maybe not as pretty, but could have saved around R60. ZERO winnings here today.
I haven't finished last months spread sheet yet and I must do it tomorrow.

Had the beetle and electrical inspector around yesterday. He found a list of faults that he happily attached his quote to. Rob saw red, and has decided to do most of it himself. Some of the  "faults" are ridiculous, for eg we have to earth our electrical gate motor. Its not even connected to the AC power but to DC power or something to that effect my electrician friend said. Wish my electrician was an inspector.

Have to get the phone line transferred to the new place. Panicky that the owner will cancel the line and not keep it open, so i am taking the transfer forms to her place for her to sign tomorrow. I cant risk having my business phone line not working.

Got a quote for a pool net, and still need to get another 2. I found out that some of the paving around the pool needs to be relaid if the net is to hold properly.
Adam's swimming lessons are going well. I am very glad we are taking him 2x a week and he loves it. Hope it will still be warm enough to swim with him next month. And i cannot wait until he can swim properly. Jordan is swimming like a little fish and has her first gala on Saturday. Bless her.

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