Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting the car back seat fixed

From 7.30 this morning I started calling McCarthy's auto trimmers every 15 minutes hoping that they would open soon. At 8.30 they opened and I told the chap in the workshop that I am a desperate woman and need my car seen to ASAP. I am very grateful that the chap, who I now know as Andre', when he says I can bring the car in right away.
45 minutes later and my filthy car is being looked at. I am so embarrassed at the state of it. I am sure every mom with little kids knows what I am talking about. Andre' says its not a small job, and they have to remove the whole back seat to sort it out. But, he promises me, it can be done today. I am very grateful to hear this. I quickly remove the bits and bobs out the car and head of to the visitors lounge for a nice cuppa coffee to wait for Tamsyn to come collect me.

My sister is busy packing and wants to know what the weather is like here. Crappy I tell her. Shame, she had hopes of walking on the beach etc. Maybe the horrible weather will clear and all will be well for her visit tomorrow.

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