Friday, September 9, 2011

Rye Bread recipe in bread maker a flop.

I am sure you have seen the last few updates on my face book page to know that I was on the look out for a bread maker. After reading endless reviews on bread makers and finding one that has a rye bread and gluten free bread making function, I settled on the Panasonic  SD255 bread maker.

However, when I wanted to make rye bread today, the only recipe that the booklet didn't have, was that one. I googled a rye bread recipe it from the Panasonic website, and it turned out to be a flop. The top had caved in and it was all doughy on the inside. 

The top has caved in.

Possible causes

  • Too much water was added.
  • Not enough flour was used.
  • Poor quality flour was used.
  • The yeast was old.
  • Water came into contact with the yeast.

The bread also had a lot of flour around the sides.

Some flour remains around the bread.

Possible causes

  • Too much flour was used.
  • Flour was not weighed on scales.
  • Not enough water was added.
  • (This problem is more likely when the flour used - for example, rye or wholemeal flour- is less water absorbent.)

The problem (a) seems to be too much water and (b) not enough water. So, that leaves me just as confused as when I started trouble shooting the problem.
Any idea's?

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