Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wine Coolers and Teddy Bears

About 8 years ago I bought a wine fridge. I wanted to as I thought they were so "cool". Face it, we all have these moments when we do inexplicable things and make purchases that we don't really need.  For about a year I actually had a very good collection going and it was always stocked to the brim and  very handy when hosting a dinner party, I could just whip out a nice chilled bottle of Merlot etc.

Then the children came, and having wine around became a hazard. You see,  I didn't want to get dirty looks and whispers that my one year old has swopped one bottle for a different kind! No, seriously, it became a hazard having bottles of wine in close range of little teeny tots that are super keen on exploring everything.
And so, one by one, the collection came to an end, and strangely enough was replaced by another kind. It has been used as a shop when playing "shop-shop". It has been used as an imaginary dungeon for naughty teddy bears and a storage house for the kids toy collection or sadly to just collect dust.

About two months ago I was given a list of some pretty decent wine that was being sold at prices less than half and I began to formulate images in my head of maybe, just maybe my little black storage bin could be used for its original purpose. Tentively I ordered a few cases, dusted off and moved the fridge, which was now living in the kids lounge, as the kids had become so fond of it, into the dining area. When my wine was delivered, I did a little clap of hands, a hop, bounce and a skip and bright eyed I lovingly stocked the fridge, and switched it on.

The funny thing is that some friends came over and marveled at my "new purchase", and raised their eyebrows when I said, as only woman can do..."this old thing..I have had it for years!". 

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