Monday, November 5, 2012


On way to Keetmanshoop ( no where dorpie) via Windhoek. Rob dropped a cup on the Garmin and cracked the screen. Now its acting up, so we may come home via some strange route ( ha ha). Loads of cattle, donkeys and goats on the road and Rob has to constantly stop or slow down for them. Its pretty bad!
We think Adam has a bladder infection or similar ( although he isn't sore) so we have been constantly stopping every 15 minutes for wee's. Its added a huge amount of extra time to our travelling. On our fishing trip the other day he was peeing every 2 minutes.

Adam has taken a liking to Aladin, his new hero, and has this saying he has copied..."Alright, alright, I got the message", when ever you ask him to do something he says this. Its quiet funny!

That's us for now! Cheers
Karen Lawrence-African Shark Eco-Charters.

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