Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fishing fun

We have just finished our last leg of our holiday and are slowly making our way back to Cape Town.

Guma Lagoon Camp is situated on the Okavango Delta. Its very much a fishing spot and if you don't like fishing then you may be very bored. The deep sand road is only accessible via a 4x4 into the camp, badly sign posted and shocking. For 20 minutes we were thrown about as Rob zigzaged the twists and turns.
The camp site was pretty, shady and had its own private toilet and shower. After we set up camp, we all went for a swim and then for a nice boat ride in the channels. There were so many Fish Eagles on the tree's and the reeds as well as Kingfishers, Purple Heron's, Bitterns and Darters. I am not a fan of crocodiles and didn't appreciate seeing them.
The next day we hired a boat and went fishing. The kids were so excited when Adam caught a fish. It was a slimy Barbel, but that didn't matter! Rob caught a nice sized Bream, and we cooked it on the braai. It was yummy!
We came across another snake in the camp. Rob think's it was a Cobra, but as I left the snake book at home, ( and surprisingly the camp didn't have one either), we couldn't confirm it. It was a beautiful snake but I was very happy when it went into the bushes.
The kids loved the resident Collie dog and together with the kids from the next campsite, had such fun playing soccer with him.
All in all it was a wonderful two days. The reception staff were not friendly. My staff are warm, bubbly and helpful and so I find it very off putting when I come across bland guides and stony faced front desk staff that clearly need a kick up the ass or shouldn't be in that job!

We are now travelling towards the Kalahari desert. Hours and hours of nothing are ahead of us. The road is suprisingly bad and even the Garmien has warned us of potholes.
We may have to replace some tyres when we are home!
Karen Lawrence-African Shark Eco-Charters.

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