Sunday, November 10, 2013

Starting the Loc Carb High Carb Diet

So today begins my "official" low carb high fat diary.
I have been on this for a month or now, but not following the rules 100% and decided that from 01 November, I would set some goals in place and actually write down what I want to achieve.

I want to improve my health and weight. I only need to lose a bit of weight, being 2 kg's only, I have been really struggling to get down to my goal weight range. Another goal has been to get fitter, and so I have been going back to the gym as and started adding some resistance training to my normal cardio routine.

My downfalls have been the week end. This is because the weekly meal routine seems to go out of the window and I end up going back to cheese rolls and sandwiches. Supper time is also hard as I cannot keep preparing separate meals for myself and the family.

I am also starting a LCHF training course by nutritionist Sally Ann Creed, who is an inspiration to me and about to buy her recipe book with Dr Tim Noakes called The Real Meal Revolution as I desperately need some meal planners here.

So, join me on my LCHF journey to health and perhaps you will be inspired to change the way you look at your food yourself.

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