Friday, January 14, 2011

Days from Hell

Just returned from holiday last night, and had tons of stuff to do today. The maid didnt arrive, and the thought of doing a truck load of washing didnt appeal to me. Decided to post phone to later. Work should come first.

Got up, and went to my breakfast nook, bible and journal in hand. Sat down to write this years goals and resolutions.
Goal 1. Aim to have daily quiet time with the Lord, just Him and me and the bible. So, started to read 13 Jan of my 365 day bible. Decided that I couldn't start on day 13, and so started on day 1. Reading about creation of the earth made me very uneasy. Since teaching my son about dinosaurs and learning about Pre-man, i cant figure out where MAN comes into the creation time line. I do not believe I come from an ape, however, for years now, I have just put my head in the sand like an ostrich and refused to even look at evolution. 
Dinosaurs existed, pre-man existed, its not made up. Skeletons don't lie.To be honest with you, the answers I get from the church, and i say church in general, being today's Christian leaders, doesn't cut the mustard, and so I journaled my thougths on this subject.  But I wont get ahead of myself, that is for another blog post.

Goal 2.Aim to cut down on personal financial spending. Planning to do a budget review, track 3 months worth of till slips and have a detailed look at my spending habits.
Goal 3. Journal more.

And, that was the start to my morning. Nice and quiet. And that is where it ended. The reign of terror by the children had begun.
Mid-morning, i had a meeting. Put the Blue Planet DVD on for the kids and after 1/2hr i heard the bathroom taps on.  I just sweetly apologise and excuse myself. The kids were cleaning the bathroom. Sounds nice and lovely, but believe me, it wasn't. The soap was everywhere and so was the water. Rob continues the meeting while i do damage control. Threaten to beat kids until next Tuesday, and put them back in front of TV. 10 min later i discover to my horror that they have gotton hold of Jordans nail polish. Jordan has painted Adams toes. Yes, all the toes have polish right up to his feet. He looks like he has vienna's for toes now. But wait, there is now nail polish all over my white duvet and bed side table. Freak out, and start wondering what valium tastes like and if i could get it delivered RIGHT NOW!

 Have to seperate kids. Clearly threats of being knocked into next week didnt help. Whilst giving Jordan the third degree in her room, Adam has now opened a tub of vaseline and is trying to remove his vienna toes with it. Oh God, Oh God, I pray. Please help me! I start taking some deep breathes, and silently grab a towel. I really dont have the time to look for a kitchen towel.Oh no, its a white one. Quickly run to the kids bathroom, almost slipping killing myself on the soapy wet floor to get a dark towel. Try get most of the vaseline off. Adam goes outside. Phew. Jordan is back watching the Blue Planet dvd. Back to the meeting. Thank heavens its all going well, but I am the one who is supposed to be chairing it. I notice from the corner of my eye that Adam is watering the garden. Yes, thats wonderful! It will keep him busy. Half way through the meeting and its all going well now.

Oh no, Adam has now moved from the plants to spraying the windows and the front door is open. Water is everywhere. The entire front entrance floor is sopping. I leap up, and dash for more towels. Where are those dark towels. Cant find them, so rush to bedroom to fetch the sticky vaseline ones. My blood pressure is sky high by now and I am hyper venterlating. Bugger those deep breathing techniques.

After feeding kids toast and getting Adam to run errands with Rob, Jordan is now trying to do her ABC's with me in the office. I refuse to now have any kids out of sight. After ABC's she spots the shredder and I let her shred all the scrap paper we can find in the office. So, far all is going well.

17.00 and start supper. I have forgotten to lock the office door and Adam has wondered in and found the shredded paper. His eyes must have lit up as if he had found treasure. I find him strewing shredded paper all over the passage. Since I didnt lock the door, I calmly pick it all up. Kids 5- Karen 0.

Have now over steamed the broccoli and its runined. To bad. We will eat it, i say! Rob now realises that I have totally lost the plot. Takes the kids to the shops. Comes home with popcorn and the Oceans movie. God Bless him!

Great movie, and as the film crew spend 2 months on our boat filming seals and sharks, we eagerly watch to see what they have included. I am super thrilled to see my name in the credits. False Bay logistics Manager: Karen Lawrence.

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