Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday food

I am always amazed how little we eat on holiday. In the heat, one just doesn't feel like eating. We have previously over catered, and have had to throw away loads of fresh produce like butternut, onions and potatoes. Now we generally just open some tinned beans, corn or beetroot or similar at night. We do like to braai a lot, but we keep the portions pretty small. A chop and a piece of wors is perfect. Often the kids are so tired that they don't even make the braai. And since corn and beans, and now butter beans for Jordan, are a firm favourite, they are more than happy to wolf half a can of each before hitting the sack. Lunch is normally some cheese and crackers.

This is the second year I have brought my toaster along, as I have visions of us munching toast for breakfast (that's of course if their is electricity at the camp sites). I think its because when you go camping for a week end your needs are different and so you pack accordingly! Last year it didn't come out of its box and so far its heading the same way, so it will be the last holiday for the toaster. The same went for the frying pan ( visions of eggs and bacon), but it didn't make it this trip as breakfast is normally super quick coffee and cereal, so we can get the show on the road and go on our game drive.

We never pack sweet as they melt. Chips also don't come along as they become reduced to mush. But this year we took lollipops. Reason being is that it's the first time the kids have to swallow pills ( for malaria). Even though they are tiny, it was an incentive for them; especially Jordan who is a fussy with taking medicine. It has worked very well.

So long for now.....
Karen Lawrence-African Shark Eco-Charters.

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