Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Big Day 1

We left cape town an hour later than planned. The roads were smooth and the day went by quickly, that's until we hit the road works. 15min here, 20 min there, adds at least an hour to the day.
As we got closer to the border, we entered the edge of the Rigtersveld, the landscape changed dramatically. Huge smokey grey granite boulders were piled ontop of one another and it felt as it we were driving on through a different planet. Even the "feel and atmosphere" of the terrain was different. It was very surreal.

The Noordoewer border crossing was uneventful. Officials with an air of superiority and disdain for travellers, asked stupid, pointless questions to the group of foreigners ahead of us in attempt of making them feel anxious and uncomfortable.
Our kids suddenly started playing up and the officials, seeing that I was starting to unravel, took mercy on us and our passports were suddenly swiftly stamped and we were free to continue on our holiday.

150km later, we passed Gruanu on the way to the overnight guest farm called the Withuis. The owners Dolf and Kinna were friendly and helpful. Kinna handed us a plate of home made aniseed rusks, which were delicious and the kids happily chomped them.
Our flatlet was basic, clean and comfortable and while we unpacked, the kids played with the goats and in the sand. Later on we found out that the half of the rusks had been fed to the goats.
Supper that night was a plateful of delicious pre-cooked lasagne that we had brought up with us, as the last thing I would have wanted to do, was cook.
At 1am, Adam started crying heavily. He had come down with the mumps. Poor little mite! A good dose of Stilpain and a suppository and 15 minutes later he was fast asleep.
Karen Lawrence-African Shark Eco-Charters.

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