Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 2 and 3

Since Jordan had just had the mumps, we were well aware that Adam may very well catch it. We stocked up our first aid box with lots of Nurofen and Stilpain syryp, and in the fridge was the Voltaren suppositories. Even so, Rob and I considered going home. However, the medicine had worked it wonders and Adam woke up feeling fine, that is, until the med's wore out. To be on the safe side, we found a chemist in Windhoek and bought a second lot of everything for him.

Day 2 was pretty uneventful. The drive was long and boring. We stopped often to minister meds, buy ice creams and stretch our legs. We arrived at the guest house in Windhoek feeling hot and bothered. The kids immediately jumped into the pool, while Rob and I off loaded our overnight gear. The guest house was pleasant and quiet, but I noticed that there was only 1 toilet and shower. I imagined how congested that would be if all the rooms had been occupied.
Soon afterwards we headed into town for some supper and to purchase a few odds and ends. The Spar in Windhoek was amazing. I haven't seen Rob so excited about food products like this in my life. Rows and rows of fine German products lined the shelves. Their were service helpers in the isles asking us if we needed help. Wow, how fantastic was that! I needed bread flour and they showed me to an isle of stunning flour, local and German selection. They even sold Rye flour, which I really didn't think I would find.

Supper was terrible to put it mildly. We went to the Ocean Basket, playing it safe as its a franchise that we visit a lot. The calamari was so over cooked and they forgot to bring Adam's food. They also had run out of serviettes, Hake, and a few other items!

That evening as I was preparing the rye bread in the communal kitchen, I received a lot of questions from some guests when they saw that I had brought my bread maker along. The entire guest house smelt of yummy freshly baked Rye bread the next morning, and it tasted as good as it smelt.
Day 3:
SqThe next days drive was just as long and boring. Adam fared extremely well, sleeping on and off in the car. Jordan spent all her time glued to the dvd player. I bought them a pair of head phones each so I wouldn't have to listen to countless Barbie or Dora the Explorer's.
We stopped again for lots of "wee" breaks, ice cream and biltong and to buy beer. I was thrilled to find that the Spar's here in Namibia stock beer and Cider, and that they had my favourite cider, Foundary in stock. I love Namibia for its biltong alone. Its the bomb! It's the nicest stuff I have ever eaten. I have a friend who was a vegetarian, and after spending some time here on a film shoot, he was well and truly converted to a meat eater, thanks to Namibian biltong!

The temperature has soared into its mid 30's and as long as it doesn't go into the 40's I will be happy.

We arrived at Anderson Camp in the late afternoon and the kids immediately headed for the pool while I ordered a pink gin and tonic. Afterward we sat at the waterhole checking out the little birds, and watching a Giraffe, Gemsbok, Eland Warthog drink water. and then We dined on Gemsbok steak that night, which was absolutely delicious. Had a super sleep that night.

Karen Lawrence-African Shark Eco-Charters.

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