Friday, November 7, 2008

The Authority of Christ

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Authority of Christ

Last night I had a real break through in my prayer life.
I had a symbolic vision of a side of a house being built a while ago and the cement had dried firmly, but it had taken a long time. I sensed that if weight had been placed on it earlier on, it would have collapsed. This symbolized my faith. I may have desired to move forward in my prayer life (as this is my gifting area), but the Lord knew I was not ready.

In my quiet time last night I was praying and was lead to 2 Cor 4:13. It is written- I believed therefore I have spoken, with the same spirit of faith, we believe and therefore we speak.
That verse was a revelation scripture for me and I was filled with such authority as never before and a real step up in a new level of faith. Up to vs 18, was confirmation of what I have been wrestling with for the last few weeks. When I went into warfare prayer later on, I spoke with such conviction and authority as never before. I had always struggled in warfare prayer as even though the Word says we have the authority to pull down principalites and cast out demons and more, in Jesus' name, I just did not believe that I could and when I tried to I just felt phony. This was the first time that I knew that I knew that I am victorious in Christ, and if felt great.

Afterwards I just thanked God and gave Him the praise and Glory, called him Jehovah Nisi, for He really was my victorious banner.

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smd said...

HalleluYAH! Awesome!

Authority comes as a result of spending time with the author