Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breaking out of the Mould

On Monday night I went to my mentoring woman's group,(these are small groups which gets together every two weeks/month to fellowship and go through a book/dvd that our church recommends etc.)

I dont usually open or close these meetings in prayer, nor do I often prayer aloud as I never feel completely comfortable. On Sunday night I finished the book " Listening to God" by Joyce Huggett. In her last chapter she urges the reader to not copy someone else's prayer style. Suddenly it dawned on me, this is why I have always felt uncomfortable. It wasn't about prayer, nor about praying aloud, it was that the style is completely different to how I pray alone. I never pray long winded prayer requests, so no wonder I felt tongue tied all the time.
I nervously asked if I could open the group in prayer. I asked everyone to please be still for 5 minutes and pray in their heart. I just prayed aloud, asking God to meet with us as HE feels fit, and then we went silent.

I could feel the ticking of the clock get louder and louder, and my heart started beating faster and faster. I tried to quieten my mind and just focus on the cross, and what it symbolizes for me.
Well, nothing profound happened to me nor anyone else during those 5 minutes, and so the meeting started. Towards the end of the meeting, as a friend was sharing what the chapter in our study book meant for her, the Lord gave me a very clear vision for her. I asked God to please show me scripture to back it up, and He did.

Now I knew without a doubt that if I had not been "still" and had not been brave enough to ask our group to pray differently I would not have been given this encounter to bless my friend.

My prayer tonight is Lord, teach me how to be humble. To know that I am the pot and your are the potter. To learn that as I venture forth in this direction, I am to always place you First. It is so easy to let my pride get in the way, and so to take my eyes off Christ. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.


Sidharth said...

Its funny, some people feel they havent prayed, if their prayers arent long.

When ever the pastor asks me to pray for the offering, I am quite short and precise....I dont beat around the bush....nor say things I dont mean. Some of them look at me surprised....But I am in continuous communion with Abba....and for me its a natural thing to speak to Him....I dont have to phrase my prayers. They come as a result of union with Abba's precious Spirit Who knows His mind and intent.


Daughter of Zion said...

I am now starting to understand thattoo.