Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebration of Woman of God

I received an evaluation form to fill out in which I had to evaluate our small ladies Mentoring group, and If I felt "Mentoring ladies" had had an impact in my life this year. At first, I didn't really think so, and I didn't have much to write about.

On Wednesday evening I went to our Mentoring Ladies end of year Gala. Almost all the ladies from the small groups where there, about 90 of us. After supper, it was time to hear various ladies testimonies. The topic was exactly what I was struggling to write about in my evaluation form. I heard about 15 woman thank God. Marriages and relationships had been restored, friendships had blossomed and grown, relationships with the Lord had deepened, hearts had been healed etc. I was so touched as I listened that the tears poured down my cheeks and I kept blowing my nose like a fog horn.
The Lord was stripping pride and, I had been gently reminded of Gods love for us. Isn't God Great! He is such a restorer.

He reminded me of my first mentoring group I had joined. I was a very broken woman, carrying lots of hurt from the past, and to be honest I was a prickily thorn. This small group created a safe place for me to lower high walls and to begin to experience the Father heart of God.

Now I no longer walk in shame,condemnation and with severe insecurities. I am a changed woman, set free by the blood of Jesus, and it was through mentoring this change occured. I look back at our group this year, and realise how much I have helped others in my group. From a needy woman, I have been able to help those in need.So, as I am about to fill in my evaluation form,I have got a good report to write down.


Terry said...

Karen-We serve an awesome God. He is willing to forgive us of all our iniquities if we will just repent and turn from our sins. Sounds like you had a wonderful group of Mentoring Ladies. What better place to be than with other Christian Ladies? I pray that God blesses you and your family through this Christmas Season and through the year.


sidharth said...

Awesome Karen,

We have been praying for the same for you. =) God is good.