Saturday, November 8, 2008

The fire is out.

Where my soul once rejoiced with joy now I am flat with exhaustion.
The fire has died.
The warm coals have turned to cold ash, and all that is left in the hearth is the remains of what once was.

If I have sinned, show me the error of my ways so I may repend and be brought back into your council.

Lord, we seemed so close on holiday. You spoke reams and volumes to me. Your word was alive and everything seemed to jump out the pages.

Now I feel like I am falling apart.
I cannot go on like this with this constant utter exhaustion.
My emotions are drained.
I cant even have our continuous daily chats as I am so tired.
My brain has literally switched off.

I am scared.
I need you.
You feel so close, yet so far, and I dont like that feeling.
My prayer life has dried up.

Its been a week now and I want to turn back the clock.
I am desperate for you Lord.
Lord, Lord, Father, Help!

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