Thursday, January 27, 2011

Being kind to myself day

Okay, I dont hate myself  today. I am past yesterdays' hectic emotional experience. So, today I tried to be kind to myself.
I woke up at 6am very sore. Stress does that to me. Sat down to have my quiet time and thought I would pass out i felt so horrible.Went back to bed and arose an hour later to  have a mustard bath. I have been on a go slow the whole day, with energy levels very low. But I did manage to find some time today to have a quiet time, and to start to pray into the prayer list i started. So far on the list its the kids, and my health.

The good news is that today was my second headache free day. I am now very sure that its because of my visit to the chiropractor. I have another visit tomorrow. This is really good news as i was not happy about going on Amatriptiline. My body does not need more medication. However, on that note, my one year waiting period for my medical aid is up and now they will start to pay for my chronic meds. Plus, I am also now entitled to 2 secialist visits a year on the PMB's ( perscribed minumum benifits) programme, so that is going to be a huge savings for me.

Managed to get to gym today. Nothing to hectic, but it was good to do some excercise.

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