Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The call to be disciplined

Have you every felt that you are not grasping the magnitude of what God is telling you?

The Lord is currently teaching me things about my faith and walk and I sometimes feel that I am "way over my head". Like a school child being thrust into a university lecture.
This teacher-pupil relationship keeps coming up, from visions of Jesus and I in a school classes to the proverbs I have recently written down and look back upon.
The Lord keeps urging me to " Pay attention to what I teach you, apply your heart so that your trust may be in the Lord". Prov 221.17
Listen to advise and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise. Prov 19.20

My biggest challenge is that my faith is fear based and not trust based. This is such a huge revelation that the Lord has shown me and its going to take a lot of focus, discipline and applying of the heart to shift.
He is a gentle teacher, patient and kind, but i do feel an urgency about Him now. A call to wake up, do not be a sluggard, be a disciplined student. Get up earlier, read the word more, apply your mind, apply the scriptures.
Its time to move forward. I think this is a global call, for us Christians to rise up and take our faith seriously. I know for me it is!
What about you?

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sister sheri said...

I definitely feel an urgency to share what I have learned about who God is with those around me. Tired of seeing Christians living like they don't have the Spirit living within them.