Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The detox..Day 2

So, with the fast yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to start the detox. As long as your mind is centered on the reason for the fast and not the detox i was happy to start then. Also, Monday is a good day to start.

I am on a parasite cleanse, and then depending on how that goes, may move onto a liver and kidney detox. The parasite cleanse is for 30 days at least, and that is what I am aiming for.
I am following the cleanse from Cape Town nutritionist, Sally Ann Creed's book, Let Food Be Your Medicine, and also from Mary Ann Shears, The Natural Way. Its intense but the only way to get rid of those pesky hosts that rob you of your health. Interestingly enough Sally Ann's candida diet ( a 3 month diet)is really similar and so that should benefit me greatly.
So,here are the No no's
No fruit ( hosts thrive on it and so does candida)
No yeast
No grains except brown rice if necessary
lots of fresh veg, avo's, raw if possible. Thats not hard to do. Nibble on  a raw carrot here and there and other "travel" veg, yum!
nuts and seeds ( yummy, i eat them daily anyway).
Meat eggs protein allowed
No alcohol. ( now that is going to be a challenge...we will see...may be a glass on a special occasion)
You will need: a good "live" probiotic, that is stored in the fridge;
Ester C..a decent vitamin C
a decent multi vitamin
an anti-fungal preparation for 3 months. I am using clove drops and para-90' an AIM product parasite cleanse ( see The Natural Way).
Lots of water.
Add to diet garlic, olive oil, cloves, pumpkin seeds, paw paw pips and pineapple ( the only fruit that i can see is allowed). Your diet must be HIGHLY nutritious.

This morning I awoke with a KILLER headache. Thats to be expected and I will make sure i drink loads of water today, which is hard as its cold and miserable outside. Maybe black rooibos tea will do?

Will keep you posted, but if your not keen on reading about parasites, then these next posts are not for you.

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