Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Parasite Cleanse Day 3

I woke up very tired this morning and turned over and switched off my 6am alarm and promptly fell back asleep. I had cravings for Christmas cake with Marzipan last night. The parasites must be getting grumpy and are wanting sugar....buggers! The kids came into the room after 7 and so we were all late for pre-school today. My cat had also decided that the expensive lounge mat was a litter box and so i had the fun of cleaning cat poo before 8am.  The cat's new name is Poo cat!

Popped into "Rogers" to buy some fresh veg for the detox and the owner said, "You look terrible my dear. Are you alright". I know i hadn't put make up on this morning, and I am feeling a bit "odd", but yikes, to be told you look terrible, was a bit of a shock to the system. It has to be the cleanse ! So, we had a good old chat about parasite cleanses and as I was leaving she says, now you go get some rest my dear!

My spine is tingly today and the arch of my feet are very uncomfortable and quiet sore. Wonder what parasite likes my feet?  Die you buggers!
Last night I attended a moms evening at the preschool. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was such fun. We had load of laughter and Jordan's teacher showed us her scrap book collection. Oh my word. What preconceived ideas I had about scrap booking are all gone. Hers were truly AMAZING, amazing amazing! She makes hers from scratch with the most amazing idea's. What a talented lady. I don't think its something I would do, but I certainly will not be raising my eye brows every again when someone says scrap booking is their hobby!

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