Friday, November 11, 2011

Adams excema is under control

Every day I have to check Adams skin, put on his moisturiser and cortisone cream if needed. So far the cortisone cream application seems to be only used maybe once a week after his swimming lessons. It seems that the swim schools chlorine levels are pretty high and it causes him to get hives and itch like crazy.
The sugar free diet is working amazingly well and so is the juicing regime. The kids love fresh apple and carrot juice and we try make it around four times a week. Adam is so good at saying no to sweets and cakes etc. Bless him, he is such a good child. His sister Jordan is amazing too. She has also been subjected to a sugar free diet, and always comes and tells me if they had sweets at school. She says no to them, and then at home we give her sugar and preservative sweets. We do give the teachers them as well!
I am still floored at the amount of hidden sugar in our food. Cant remember if I mentioned that they put sugar in peanut butter. I also found out that they put margarine in most of them as well. That's just plain stupid and gross. We now only use black cat peanut butter with the YELLOW lid. The others have sugar. Once you start using it for a while you can actually taste the sugar in the other's, ( which we now use for the birds...they love peanut butter).

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Terry said...

You're a good mom Karen. God bless you!