Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Fit and Healthy naturally

After my shocking report from the biokeneticist last week, I decided to take some serious action about getting back into shape and getting fit for my heart, so to speak.

In the last two years, I have been constantly sick with sinus problems, even ending up having sino-nasal surgery, After that,I was 100% convinced that from here onwards, i was a free woman. "Oh no, not so fast my dear" said the dreaded germs, " you are mine, mine mine..har har har."
And so I have been theirs. Every 6-8 weeks i have been man down with hectic sinus infections, causing laryngitis.
The down side is that my gym training has taken such a knock back and I got a kick up the bum when I read the report.

So, from here on, how do i go forward with being ill so much and wanting to get fit and fabulous for summer.
Here is the plan: 1, I will be reading as many healthy food books to be inspired to follow a nutrition regime, I have loads of these books,Patrick Holford books at home and love them, so I have no problem implementing that.
2. The exercise thing that must incorporate my buddy sinusitis when he is often around. The answer to that is ball work. I dusted out the gym ball from the garage and my gym ball workout. Last night I actually did the stretching exercises advised, as a starter and did back stretches, upper arms, and upper body and then lunge and glute muscles. I went to be feeling very refreshed and slept like a baby!
so, that's my answer to when I am feeling terrible, I can still do some basic ball moves to strengthen and tone and feel good, feeling horrid.

I will be reading these books, writing about them and sharing if they work.

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