Monday, November 21, 2011

Funny things kids say

A bit of Christian humour to brighten up your day!

This morning Adam ( 4) came into the kitchen brandishing his sword. He looked at me sternly and says, " Mommy, I have just given the dogs a warning!". Puzzled, I ask him "why my boy?", he said that "this is a house of prayer and not a den of dogs!". Well, I fell about laughing. In fact its two hours later and its still so funny to me, that I had to share it with you all.

What really brightened up my morning, was not that it was such a funny thing he said, it was that he remembered the bible story we had shared last week and that he took the verses and quoted them. In fact I think a den of dogs is very appropriate, as thieves are dogs ( and even some dogs are thieves!). I sometimes think that I am not making an impact on there spiritual lives, and often wonder how to make Christ more "real". Today I realised that I don't have to "work" at it, we are doing just fine!


Terry said...

Exactly, they watch how you live and listen to what you say and then imitate you.
Great job!

Watering Mustard Seeds said...

Thanks Terry!