Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ban Father Christmas

I don't often us my blog page as a  moan session, but I do feel like it now.
I am cross that some parents don't want to have Father Christmas part of their little kids lives. Okay, if the words Father Christmas make your hair curl, then lets call him Santa Claus. I grew up with Father Christmas and that is what I will call that jolly fat man!
I am extremely bugged by this. I am a Christian. I am a very firm believer and like to think that I walk what I believe.
Saying that, please don't judge me, as suddenly I am now classed into a different box, and people often then use a different set of standards.  I am far from perfect and never will be! I am  not where I want to be, but then I am far from the person who I used to be!

I am now getting side tracked and better get back to my topic, Ban Father Christmas!
To most of the western world, Christmas is a time when our dysfunctional families all get together, spend a lot of money on relatives we only see a few times of the year, receive gifts we really don't want and and hope we can exchange in the new year and eat and drink far too much. 
For little kids its about imagination. Oh, how I love the imagination of little kids. The stuff they come up with is too precious! Christmas is a build up in our house of about two months. Basically because the shops start putting up the decorations in October already and so the excitement  begins.
Its the excitement, the stories of the North Pole, of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, strange little men dressed in green and red and presents. Lots and lots of presents! Here in sunny South Africa, winter land stories are so thrilling! And so I say, just because you are a serious Christian, WHY TAKE THIS AWAY FROM YOUR LITTLE KIDS? WHY, WHY, WHY?

This imaginary world is only going to last for a few years so let them enjoy it. DAMN IT!!
Your job as a parent is to make Christ real EVERY DAY, not just Christmas! With all the Santa fun, your kids must know about why Christmas is really important. They  must know all the Christian Christmas carols inside out, you should be singing  them to your kids, getting them to love them and make a big deal of it. They must know the real Christmas story. They must play at being  the angels, the shepherds, Mary and Joseph and in my house, we go all out, even the lambs and the cows in the stable. When my kids were tiny, I used to sing them to sleep. My singing is so terrible and I didn't know  any children little songs to sing, except Christmas Carols. Man, my son Adam, who was colicky for over a year, this poor kids heard away in a manger at least a hundred times.

The bottom line is that the true meaning of Christmas is all year around! If your kid believes in flying reindeer's, Santa Claus, and the North Pole, then good for them! My kids are still trying to figure out how Father Christmas gets down some of the chimneys as he is so fat. And mom here, needs A LOT of imagination to explain it to them.

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