Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Losing the plot and receiving answers

Have you ever felt that sometimes your just pathetic, as you have hopelessly lost the plot! I felt like that recently as there is a negative issue I have been struggling with and instead of  trying to step "out of the situation" I continued down the road of narrow minded thinking and gave in to it which lead to a major blow up, and then to an incredible self anger.

So I decided to have a long chat to God, feeling very cross, angry and sorry for myself, admitting that it would have been the best thing to have this chat a good few days before hand. But, I didn't and that was that. Now, a lot of people ( friends, family) do not understand my faith and believe that its just a religion or a "crutch for weak people". But, the truth is, that  until you come to that place of complete surrender, you will keep believing that. The whole personal relationship with God/Jesus thing just sounds "way out" and a family member told me, you better not tell people that God actually talks back to you as they will think you are a freak!

But, be as it may, the story must continue. So, I then journal what's in my heart and write what my soul has to say. The next day I am still not in the best of spirits, but I go to church. I belong to a great church!
The message, although corporate for everyone could have been written JUST for me! I do not believe in co-incidence at all, but had I not gone that day, I would not have received my very direct reply. And, a very direct reply it was.

God is not mushy at all, He is very loving but he doesn't sugar coat what he has to say. When I got was a very loving but very stern reply. Short and sweet! His reply was " we are not filthy rags, we are dressed in righteousness and we need to live our life as salt of the earth. Walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the desire of the flesh, for the freedom Christ has set us free, stand firm therefore and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery".( Eph 4 1-16 and Gal 5.1).
You probably think, what are you talking about? But its about how to live one's life. We are not meant to "give in" to emotions and let our emotions rule us. We need to be good role models. Role models for our kids, our family, who we work with and those around us. In this day and age we just need to look around and see what  this world has become. Its horrid. As Christians, if we don't live our life differently then really, what is the point! And that means me. Even during really stressful times,I  need to watch what I say and hold my tongue sometimes.  Ghandi once said, " I do not have a problem with your Jesus, but I do not like your Christians, who say one thing and then do another". ( I may have the exact wording incorrect).

I came out of church feeling very free. Free to start again, free to move on and free to love and free to be the person I have become and not the person I felt I was!

God is a very personal. He talks, loves, cares, and fills you with hope, love, and the strength to continue with your head held high.

Give Him a try!

Have a super week!

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