Sunday, May 27, 2012

My cat got a "Klap"

I came home today to find big droplets of blood and blood spray over my patio. The first thing that came to my mind, was CSI. I kid you not!! I even stood there looking at the spray pattern of blood with a Sherlock Holmes look on my face. Then reality returned.  I checked the dogs, nope they were fine and so  we then went in search for the cat. We found her in a sorry state. Her eye was glassy and swollen and had been gashed open and her face had taken a beating. She had got a "klap" most likely in a cat fight and being so small came off worse for wear!
Poor thing! I immediately forgave her, well, 90% forgave her for taking a pee and a poo on the carpet this morning, which I now have to get steam cleaned tomorrow!
Pippa is an outdoorsy skittish cat, and generally doesn't like to be held for more than 5 seconds. She was "pap", totally out of it. I put her on her cat mat to which she promptly but atypically curled up and fell asleep.

I managed to get hold of an after hours vet and Jordan, who had dressed up in an interesting combination of a white Dr's coat  over a beautiful fairy princess dress, long pink ball gown gloves and a pink hello kitty wedding veil on her head, and I put her in a basket and rushed her to the vet. I had now been told that Jordan was no longer Jordan anymore and she would only respond to Dr Princess Fairy Diamond. Alrighty then!

We arrive at the vet, 30 minute early, of course, and waited and prayed over our traumatised cat.   Much to my happiness, Dr Princess Fairy Diamond and I  learnt that the eye would survive. Her nose was damaged and this is were the blood came from and the sneezing would have caused the spray. I, being a CSI potato couch fan already knew that, of course!

After a shot of antibiotics, cortisone and eye ointment and a drip we took pap Pippa home.

I have to return with her tomorrow so I will let you know how she and my bank balance are doing. I am expecting a hefy bill. Oh dear!

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MIMI aka Clare said...

Shame Karen, the bill is hefy. My Daxie Fred, poor abused Fred from SPCA Fred, was mauled by the Austrailian Cattle Dog next door. He was pulled through a tiny hole in the concrete wall, and well nearly lost is little Fred Head.
The bill was rather heavy too. Many thousands of rands, and six weeks later, he recoverd....oh what would we do without our animals??????? Poor Pippa. love the thought of Jordan in doctor ballerina outfit.. another doc in the house on its way... dont watch CSI watch Junior Doctors on BBC very entertaining.