Monday, May 28, 2012

Very Odd and Random dreams

I woke up this morning after having the most random dream ever. It made no sense whatsoever, and if someone wants to interpret it, then by all means, I am listening.

I was on a balcony at a tea garden with my husband and some friends when we learnt that their was a concert happening in the building next door. The music was loud and clear enough to listen to.
The singer that was performing was Roger Whittaker, and the song was " Streets of London". The song was crystal clear, and sounded exactly how I know the song to be. I woke up singing the song, to which my husband thought I was completely strange!

The rest of the dream was boring but still weird. My gran called me to tell me that my dad had been kidnapped. However, there was a beer tent next to the tea garden and I found him there having a good time.

Very odd and Random!

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