Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beating the system

This post has nothing to do with random dreams, as the previous post, but merely to do with little ones going off to dream land.
For a long time, the getting up for school routine with J and A has been traumatic, with lots of shouting, drama, pulling out of hair and getting grey hair. To cut it short its been plain bloody awful! How kissing sweet kids good night as they drift off to marshmallow land and awake as kids of Zombies the next morning is beyond me! I truly cannot understand it! That Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde routine doesn't sit well with me at 06.30.
We have a standard rule in our house. NO TV in the morning before school. NO NO NO, don't even think about it, as the answer is going to be a firm NO!! My kids sleep like logs, but last week I woke up to a very faint noise of the kids tv being "on" in their lounge. Yes, I have a kids tv room, it was the condition that came when we sold our last home. I wanted my own space with my husband. Say that again slowly, I wanted some time out with my man and have an adult tv room to chill out and actually have 5 minutes alone, like it was BC..before Children. Our little darlings must just bugger off to their own kids room!

 Anyway, I am getting side tracked. So I sneak downstairs and lo and behold, at 6 in the morning, my two monkey's were curled up in their little blankie nests watching Garfield on the Boomerang channel.
I decided there and then to forego the prior rules and make new rules. Instead of a blanket No, we have...
a. If you wake up earlier than mom you can watch tv...but
b. You have to have your school clothes on and your school shoes.
c.You must know exactly what you are having for breakfast when mom asks you,and tell her in 5 seconds,  other wise she will choose and you will "have to eat it".Shock and Horror! I purposely choose horrid things  like my favorite but kids worst, anchovy toast....
d. at 06.45 TV is off and that is it. If you have arrived at 06.41 sorry for you if you get to watch 4 minutes only!  Its all about choice now...( evil laugh ha ha ha ha)

So, this is where it becomes classic, and as a parent you can so appreciate what happens next. I go and check on them as I am about to head to sleep myself. I tuck them in and see, wait hang on, J is sleeping in her school uniform and A, has the clothes he had laid out for tomorrow on too. Thumbs up for you two. You have beaten mom's system and earned yourself extra TV time. And that in a childs life is all that matters when your 4 and 6!

Classic one!



MIMI said...

Oh boy, do children know how to work around mom's rules or what?
Cute kids, TV is really very bad, but yet, can have its uses. As long as the kids read, then hey, a little TV here and there, wont harm them, especially if it brings sanity to your mornings. Hang in there, things get better before they get worse. Ha ha. lol nice post

MIMI said...

Hello more on this please

Karen Lawrence said...

Hi there

Will try more posts of the lighter side of life.

Kids are classic hey!