Sunday, September 2, 2012

Defecon 2 is initiated in our house.

I woke up this morning, with my back feeling super duper, well almost and I was happy. Not just happy, but
SUPER HAPPY. I had super happy tinted glasses on the entire day and the world looked good. Get the drift..check out to understand how happy I was.

The kids and I went to the park and had a picknic with all the wildflowers, and it was just magic! Life was blissful. It was surreal.

Got home, started the day before school routine, which is bath, get school clothes ready and laid out and home work diaries checked and ready at the door,
Then suicide hour began, and if you haved kids know EXACTLY what I am talking about. An insidious evil force takes over your kids and replaces them with these revolting little monsters that say the words NO, DAH with rolled eyes( for stupid) and the latest is screaming " I dont like you", Ouch that hurts.

Where the heck have my lekker kids gone, and who ever took them, please bring them back as this lot is gonna face the wrath of the MOMMA. And so it began! No TV for a WEEK. Instead you are on washing up duty and diswasher packer duty for a week. And you, ...little Adam, You are on no tv and kids lounge clean up. He quite likes this as he then gets to sit and play lego!

However, tonight my family reached.. Defcon 2, it was that bad!  I dont do well being told that I am stupid ugly and the worst mommy in the world! Mamma let rip! I wont quiet let on after that, but I have our insurance coming over to fix loads of broken windows! We are on Defecon 2 right now.
And you know what that means a nuclear war is immenent.
However, tomorrow, I will get up and put flowers in my hair and chalk it up to just a shitty evening, as they day was pretty neat!

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