Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring and its healthy body time

Spring is here and its not too late to get your body healthy and in shape for your shorts.
I will be posting mainly health tips but they will certainly help drop some of that winter weight as well.

To kick it off you need to up your veg intake A LOT, to your 5 a day and decrease your carbs. I will show you how to do this without feeling like your starving and worried about how on earth you will fit "5 a day" into your diet.
I use the word diet as the food we eat and not "diet" as I don't believe in them. They are all rubbish and bad for you.

Tip one and this is an NB TIP. Cut down the amount of bread you eat. Yes, coming from the one who has a love affair with my bread maker, this seems like a contradiction. But its true! You can still make bread, just please don't eat a loaf of it a day! A medium loaf is enough to make kiddies sandwiches and still leave a slice for you!
Tip two: This is one of the most important tips ever. Balance every meal with protein. I don't mean you need to eat a cow three times a day, but you must eat a bit. In my next blog I will be posting on this topic.

If you want to get serious about your health, then start reading everything you can from the leading nutritionalist SA Sally Ann Creed, and UK's Patrick Holford.

Chat soon!

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