Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Real blog from a real person

Last night I was wondering, again, if I should perhaps delete my blog, because I am hardly writing in it anymore.

With Facebook, putting up quick little posts has become the norm for me, and yet FB is quiet generic. One doesn't bare one's soul on FB.

I have just read an incredibly "real" post, of how I used to write and how completely honest I was with how I felt, when I was suffering from ME and depression and being a Christian.

Now, I feel almost embarrassed to write that way as my posts are going onto my facebook page which is open to the world. Not that my blog isn't, but with a blog, you have to search for content you want to read.
The second thing is that my posts are more and more centred around this scary thing called "bi-polar", and its still a very touchy subject as people think your "mental", if have been diagnosed.

Now the question is. Do I remove the blog from directing to my FB page, or should I just be me, and write what is within, no matter who may read it?

I am sure I will have the answer today. And perhaps I even have it now?

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