Friday, September 21, 2012

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

My last was about starting to become more healthy this summer. If you are serious about wanting to improve your health then you need to catch a wake up and feed your body good nutritious food.

To recap.
1. Cut down your bread intake. 2 Slices max per day.
2. Increase your protein. Every meal should have a bit of protein in it. Patrick Holford recommends we eat  – 25% of our daily calories from protein. Why? Protein helps balance your blood sugar levels.
3. Cut down your carbs. Atkin was on the right track, but his advise of no carbs, and no fruit is totally unhealthy. 

Carbohydrates are very important for you, and very important for your brain and helping stabilise your mood ( I will be posting on that soon), but its the you need to be eating the right kind of carb's. Your carb's must be low GL. 
What is GL? The GL is the total effect a food has on your blood sugar level. Its that simple. Hi GL food's will see your blood sugar levels rising, which you do not want. Low GL carbs means oats instead of cornflakes, or berries instead of bananas. Rye bread instead of white bread, get it?

Low GL definitely works best because people don’t get hungry. It is easy way of life to follow and it's the easiest to stick to.

Keen to know more? Read the Patrick Holford and Sally Anne Creed's books in my previous post.

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