Sunday, December 14, 2008

I emailed a good friend who lives in Australia a recent post of my blog. She said my son looks like cheeky.
Yes,I think I agree on this, that he is going to be a cheeky bugger. Today we went to the shops and Adam went on a little mechanical toy pay ride. You know the type,that goes up and down,(a horse, a car etc)and they last about a minute or so. After the third ride we had to go. Boy oh boy did I see the biggest tantrum yet! These huge tears poured down his chubby cheeks. He tried to curl up in the little car ride and then hugged it. I had to peel him off. He then screamed bloody blue murder for about 5 minutes straight.

I deal with tantrums by ignoring them. Completely! However being in a shopping centre full of Christmas shoppers, this was no easy feat. After a minute or so of screaming, we had begun to attract a small audience.I am sure most of them thought "cant that woman just shut that kid up". I marched him to the ladies toilets, changed his nappy,(he was still screaming), only now it was being echoed through out the stalls, and popped him back into the shopping trolley.

Praise the Lord! My husband arrives. We swop children and head for the nearest exit. Alas no shopping was done today.

What did I learn today. Well I have been praying for patience recently. Today, He gave me the opportunity!! God has a funny sense of humour. Gotta love Him!!

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Grace said...

Hi! Glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping by Grace Today. I'm off to church and plan on perusing your blog all afternoon. :)