Saturday, December 20, 2008

Watering Marigold seeds

Jordan (3) and I planted some Marigold seeds earlier this week. We had such fun digging the little furrows, planting the seeds and watering them. We prayed for Jesus to turn these seeds into beautiful flowers to Glorify His name. (I am really trying to bring Christ into every day life with my kids.)
Everyday so far we have gone to water them and pray over them.

On Thursday they started to sprout. Jordan was so excited and ran up to me saying "mommy mommy come look". Again we thanked Jesus. (Just in time as she got distracted and ran away!)

I love being in my garden, (not that I am very good at gardening!) It brings me such peace.I just want to thank God for His awesome hand in creation. Every where I turn their He is, and creation calls to Him.


sister sheri said...

Oh, how I miss my garden... especially, now with almost a foot of snow on the ground... which is so unusual for here. God speaks so clearly in the garden. I think we all are meant to be gardeners... so we could draw close to the Master Gardener.

Rhonda Azari said...

You are planting the seeds of Christ as you water your Marigold seeds!!! How symbolic!

I am missing the sunshine and flowers here... we have over a foot of snow and it's becoming wearisome..... :D